Portable Fire Extinguisher


Portable fire extinguishers provide the first line in defense of your valuable property and personnel safety. However, all portable fire extinguishers are not created equal.

All-Saf Fire Protection offers portable fire extinguishers designed and U.L. Listed for specific hazards and specific locations. Areas such as: MRI rooms, fuel islands, helicopter pads, daycare centers, pool chemical storage areas, commercial cooking areas, etc. have certain needs that only specially designed equipment can provide. Our experts know what you need to properly protect your equipment and personnel as well as satisfying all pertinent code requirements!

When it comes to your company's first line of defense don't trust just anyone with the design of your fire protection arsenal. Let our expert staff assist you in: designing, installing, training for proper usage, and maintaining proper operational status/code compliance of your portable fire extinguisher requirements


Products and Services Available for Portable Fire Extinguisher