All-Saf is proud to offer a revolution in fire hose testing; The Hose Recaller

The Hose Recaller is an invaluable piece of labor saving equipment designed with ease of setup and use in mind while maintaining the highest standards for quality and longevity. Constructed based on years of experience in the fire hose testing field the Hose Recaller is the perfect companion machine for any hose testing operation. Our design is simple yet durable. We manufacture our machine using aluminum for our hose guide and stainless steel hardware for long lasting performance even under the most extreme circumstances. Our motor and drive is field tested and made to withstand the wet environment associated with fire hose testing. Our foot controlled control switch is designed so that one operator can use the Hose Recaller in a safe and effortless manner.

Contact our sales office today for a free on site demonstration of the revolutionary Hose Recaller. For out of state customers we will be glad to provide a DVD or video of the Hose Recaller in action for your review.


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