About All-Saf Fire Protection, Inc.

All-Saf Fire Protection, Inc. has a rich 30 plus year history of serving businesses in Southeast Georgia with professional service and quality products. Our commitment has not changed since our meager beginning in 1973 as a one man operation working from a mobile service vehicle...that commitment is to provide unsurpassed excellence in our product offerings and our service.

Today All-Saf's employees enjoy the benefits of a state of the art base facility and modernized mobile service vehicles. Likewise, our customers benefit from our facilities investments by realizing shorter down times during an emergency situation, faster response times on routine service, and fewer trips to their facilities (meaning less interaction with their valuable employees).

All-Saf's employees also benefit from our commitment to training and continued education. Annually our staff is involved in various manufacturer training classes and seminars. Further, our staff participates in many industry specific c.e.u. courses. We remain up to date in all areas of our product/service offerings due to this commitment.

All-Saf's goal of being a single source fire equipment product/service provider is continually realized  thru our various offerings as detailed on our products/services page. By being a single point of contact for sprinklers, portables, special hazard systems, alarm systems, emergency and exit lighting, restaurant systems, hood cleaning, hydro-testing, and municipal related offerings our approach to firesafety is also cost effective for our customers. No longer is there a need to contract multiple vendors for the listed services we provide. Truly "one call does it all"!

We sincerely appreciate your interest in All-Saf Fire Protection, Inc and we value your continued patronage. Please contact us anytime you require the best in fire protection equipment products and service.

Thank you!